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The purpose of this website is to promote the practice of entrenovation and the entrenoveurs who manage the entrenoverial process. Entrenoveurs innovate. Innovation includes researching and, if appropriate, developing a novel idea. The goal – provide entrepreneurs a new product or service that is market ready. Entreprenurs manage its integration into a new or existing organization.

About a century ago Joseph Schumpeter coined the phrase: Creative Destruction, the result of an innovation that satisfies the unfulfilled demands of a market or creates a new market.  It is a demand-side response that disrupts existing markets; the change engine that drives the world forward.  Creative Destruction is an evolutionary process we can watch in real-time.

Whether in the context of promoting corporate organic growth, or of a novel-idea intended to become a successful business, the practice of entrenovation, managed by an entrenoveur, will be employed to complete the conversion of a novel-idea into a business-ready product or service. A pure example of entrenovation in action would have an entrenoveur identify a novel-idea and manage the validation and development of the idea to create a product or service capable of disrupting an existing market paradigm while achieving its full economic potential as the leader in its market.

The entrenoveurial-entrepreneurial Tango at the intersection of the developed idea and a business initiative requires serious attention.  This dance is not addressed in depth by the material presented on this website, other than to note that entrenoveurial management shares with entrepreneurial management responsibility for the integration of a new developed product or service into a business or to start a new business. 

This website is intended to describe and promote entrenovation as the practice employed by entrenoveurs to develop an innovative idea into a product or service; or, for example, to create and introduce a new political system such as Inclusive Democracy.

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